Judging the Judge; Substance Abuse, Professionals, and the Law

This is a luncheon for Attorneys, Judges, and Law Enforcement Officers.  Hear the personal story of Matt Eggleston, JD.  Matt was once a rising star in the Tennessee legal profession; as a special prosecutor and judge, and member of a national law firm he knew the law well enough to break it and keep from getting caught…until he was so broken that he could not continue the duplicity. 

Now, years sober, he works with others who are struggling with chemical dependency, addictive disorders, and legal issues to assist them in finding treatment help. this is an inside story – one that Judges, Attorneys, and Law Enforcement Officers will want to hear.

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Matt Eggleston, JD, Director of Admissions at The Ranch

Matt serves The Ranch with several years of personal recovery experience, a Juris Doctorate degree, as well as vast experience in the treatment field. Prior to joining The Ranch, Matt served as the Marketing Director for the Integrative Life Center and volunteered with the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program in various capacities working with impaired professionals. Matt regularly serves as a guest speaker focusing on outreach to the university and professional communities.

As a member of The Ranch team, his primary commitment is to connect clients and practitioners with the best recovery resources available. Matt has worked as a guest lecturer counseling professionals and students on the delicate balance of recovery in their daily lives. He has also been intern, counselor, and admissions coordinator for the professionals program with Foundations Recovery Network. Prior to joining the recovery field, Matt practiced law in Memphis, Tennessee for over ten years in both the public and private sector and served as special judge to the Shelby County Domestic Violence and Drug Courts.

This collective experience offered wonderful opportunities as well as time to consider his true passion and enthusiasm for integrative therapeutic approaches for people seeking recovery.


When: February 22, 2013, 11:30a – 1:30p

Where: Finn & Porter Restaurant at 500 E 4th Street, Austin, TX 78701

Cost: Free with Phone Registration and Confirmation

To Register: call Sherry Young at 310-596-9326 or e-mail her at syoung@theelements.com.

 Seating is Limited.  Call or email her today!